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Tzag Elita Computer Systems Ltd. was founded in 1997 (continuing activity from 1985) as an integration company and is one of the biggest and longest-existing importers of computers and peripheral equipment in Israel. The company offers a wide range of technological products and computing solutions.‎The company operates under an international standard ISO 9001:2015 in order to assure the product’s quality and the service the company provides.


Our High Performance Computing department specializes in GPU-based solutions for Deep Learning and Machine Learning. TZAG ELITA represents a number of leading manufacturers in GPU market, but puts the customer's needs as a first priority parameter. Diversity of solutions, direct import, experience in various markets and assembly line operates under strict ISO standards make us the most attractive strategic partner. We know HPC.

The industry department
The main activity Tzag Elita’s industry department is divided between two fields: GPU-based systems and different kinds of storage systems. The company characterizes and builds OEM servers and work stations for different sectors. The company has a characterization, support and service team and all the systems undergo stringent QC tests before supply to the customers’ sites.

Business department
Tzag Elita supplies a wide variety of products and services to business customers as a one-stop shop, including work stations, laptops, servers and accompanying accessories. The company supplies the top brands’ PCs and laptops: HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS and others.

The company imports and distributes computing products such as: industrial cases, standard power supplies, motherboards, hard disks, processors, memories, monitors, work stations, peripheral equipment, etc. Most of these products are available for immediate supply. Logistics and storage are managed by UPS services that ensure reliable and fast supply to all parts of the country.

Our factory
Tzag Elita has an assembly line for work stations and servers, most of them according to the customers’ definitions and specifications.
We have a workforce of skilled technicians who undergo professional training for the equipment that the company markets.

We are also the exclusive importers of a number of international brands!

  • ASRock – the third biggest manufacturer of motherboards in the world.
  • AsRock Rack – manufacturer of servers and motherboards for industry.
  • Chenbro – manufacturer of computer cases for the industrial market, regarded as one of the world’s leading and biggest companies.
  • Silverstone – manufacturer of a variety of high-end products including power supplies, computer cases and various high quality solutions.
  • F&D – giant manufacturer of speakers and multimedia systems. OEM manufacturer for various companies such as: Harman Kardon, Panasonic, Logitech, Altec Lansing, etc. The company manufactures a wide variety of speakers for every purpose, of excellent sound quality and modern design.
  • AcBel – a world-leading giant manufacturer of power supplies for most PC and laptop manufacturers.
  • Gigabyte Servers – Tzag Elita is Gigabyte’s official integrator.
  • AIC – manufacturer of special solutions for the field of industry.  
  • ZOTAC – manufacturer of AMD / Nvidia graphic screen cards and Mini PC computers.
  • Axiomtek – manufacturer of embedded and outdoor systems.


Tzag Elita – always thinking one step ahead.

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